Theological Book Publications

2006 C 2019

By Dr. Muhammad Schmidt


This collection of Books on various theological topics appeared between 2006 and 2019 in print and makes a total of published print books in various forms. There are two components, the Biblical Greek and Hebrew Reading Modules that were never printed and were included as digital files in Biblical Language courses distributed to seminary students studying Biblical Hebrew and Greek as a compulsory part of Biblical Theology courses.


Most of the books were published in English; only a smaller number of them appeared in German.


Hence, this distribution contains 21 books published in print and two files distributed internally to seminary students only. The subject areas covered by these books are as follows:

       Biblical Languages

       Biblical Theology

       Church History

       Martin Luther

       Religion and Society

       Theology C Various Topics

       Comparative Religion

You can download an installation file with these books HERE (266 MB). To complete the installation process successfully, a free password is required. Contact for a free password to be sent to you.

HINWEIS: Anfragen von Personen, die sog. „Kirchen mit esoterisch-keltischem Anstrich nahestehen, sind unerwnscht und zwecklos!

For a list of Books included in this package, click HERE.



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