General Instructions


Here, you will find the complete course materials of World English Institute in English and Bible that will prepare you for the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) test you will be required to take to enrol as a foreign student in an American College/University.


There are no charges for these materials and you are free to use them. However, you are not allowed to distribute these files or sell them.


If you want to study the course, proceed as follows:

1.     Start with BOOK 1 of the Basic Course. There is a language book and a Reading Book (Bible) to be used simultaneously.

2.     Do so likewise for all other Books 2-3. Finishing Books 3 for Bible and English of Basic or Advanced Course means you completed either the Basic or the Advanced course.

3.     If you want send your homework and assignments for grading to: . Upon completion of either the Basic or the Advanced Course you will be awarded a Diploma of the World English Institute. The Diploma of the Advanced Course is equivalent to TOEFL level but it will only prove that you prepared properly, and you still will be required to take the exam at a recognised examination center. For more information of how to enrol for the official exam, contact

4.     There are sound files for each Book; you will find the respective sound file for each book and each course level (basic or advanced) in the sound folder. I have added also the player software required to play these sound files for your convenience.

5.     Please note that all the text files are in the Acrobat Reader *.PDF file format. You will need at least version 5 of the free Acrobat Reader viewing utility to open and study these files. Download a free version if it not yet installed on your system.


Good luck in your studies!


Muhammad Schmidt, PhD., M.A., M.R.S., Th. D.

February 16, 2009