Test of Chinese As A Foreign Language



Level 1 -5


This Chinese Language Proficiency Test is intended to be taken by non-native speakers of Mandarin Chinese in the Republic of China (Taiwan). There are five language difficulty levels. These applications will help you train the characters and words you will need to know for the levels of the test by means of stroke order animation videos, wordlists, and having the contents of the word lists read aloud.

The applications contain word and character lists for the test level in question. Character and word entries are sorted in alphabetical order according to the Hanyu Pinyin transcription system with Hanyu Pinyin transcription above each Chinese character. You can have these entries being read aloud and view character stroke order demonstrations with Hanyu Pinyin transcription and English meaning definitions displayed for each.  This way, you will be able to repeat, drill and train he language material required for each test level.

There are textbook and multimedia-featured, interactive applications for each of the test levels listed below.


To download, click on any of the the links below:




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For the latter two download files, there are the fiollowing instructions:

1. Download and unzip them to the folder set by default.

2. Then, double-click on the TOCFL-Launch.exe file in the root folder and follow screen instructions.

These are new files with some minor improvements.  (August 29, 2019)



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