1. "International Faith Theological College" in Nairobi, Kenya, is currently run by a certain person by the name of Fred Maina Macharia after our school, International Faith Theological Seminary, stopped affiliation and working with him in 2014. We asked Macharia to change the complete name of the school so as to avoid confusion between them and us. He has not complied with this urgent request, and legally they do not have any right to use our registered name in part or in full. They have simply "stolen" our good name that we originally have had in Kenya. That should tell a lot about their "Christian" ethics.


2. They pretend to be accredited by the World Council of Post-Secondary and Religious Education, which is a bogus accreditation body owned by the Institute for Christian Works with which they are currently affiliated; it has no recognition from any competent authorized body like the US Department of Education.  Do not be mislead by this bogus school and "accreditation"; it may well be illegal according to relevant Kenyan law:


3. On her site:
Mrs. Trudy Veerman claims to be associated with Faith Theological Seminary in Nairobi, Kenya, under the leadership of Dr. Fred Maina Macharia by linking to our former Seminary page at: http://www.gelbe-kaise.de/Kenya/index.html.

Be it known that:
1. Faith Theological Seminary under the local leadership of Fred Maina Macharia in Kenya formerly was a recognized branch of International Faith Theological Seminary (IFTS) from August 2004 - April 2014, but with immediate effect of our dissociation from the Kenya branch in April 2014 there is no longer any local recognized branch of IFTS in Nairobi, Kenya, and hence any link to our former website is outdated and inaccurate.
2. Neither Mrs. Veerman nor Mr. Macharia can make any legitimate claim to be associated with IFTS nor are they authorized to conduct any academic programmes using our curricula and teaching resources or issue certification documents on behalf of IFTS.
3. As the founder and owner of IFTS I have several times requested that Mrs. Veerman remove the false and outdated statement on her web page and remove the link to our former website, which she has not done.
4. We therefore cannot assume any responsibility for anything that Mrs Veerman might claim and do and the consequences that may arise from any such inaccurate claims. The same applies with respect to any actions of Mr. Fred Maina Macharia and the people associated with him.
5. IFTS is a registered trademark and legally protected, and none of the persons mentioned above are authorized to use the name of  IFTS.
6. IFTS currently has a local/regional/ national branch in Haiti, but none in Canada (where Mrs. Veerman resides) or in Kenya (where Mr. Macharia resides).

August 2014/March 2016
Dr. Muhammad Schmidt, IFTS Founder & Owner
Contact: ifts2008@gmx.net