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Teaching English As A Foreign/Second Language Teacher Training Programme

Our school offers a demanding academic programme in Teaching English As A Foreign/Second Language. In the past 10 years, many non-native teachers from all over the world have taken and successfully graduated from this programme with either a Diploma or a Master degree. Most of them were given full scholarship until we decided to change to a new tuition fee system to ensure further improvement and expansion of our services. Students intending to enroll will only qualify for admission if they hold a High School Diploma and a Bachelor degree from a recognized school.

There are two options for enrollment:

        You can enroll for a single course as a part of your continuing education in the field;

        the entire Diploma programme to educate yourself and qualify for a teaching position in ESL.

The programme will be delivered as an online study option with download of all teaching materials required and tutoring by email. There are mandatory exams for each course module consisting of a number of multiple choice, essay and practical project assignments/problems. Submission and grading of exams with feedback on the results achieved will be mainly done by email; students without prior teaching experience will be required to do a teaching practicum at a recognized local school of their choice through our proctoring system.

Here are some links that will provide further information on the programme, requirements and study options:


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