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Fees for Tuition and other Services

feesWe intend to offer a high quality ESL teacher training programme for free. In the past 10 years, we have offered this programme for free to students in need from developing nations.  There is an option to take individual courses of individual choice or the entire programme.

Legal Standing

Legal Standing and Matters relating to Programme Accreditation

legalPlease note that in general the recognition of your studies at any school (not only ours) and any employment resulting from that depends on the individual employer and that it is the sole responsibility of the student wishing to enroll to inquire with a prospective employer whether any certification from us will be acceptable and deemed as sufficient qualification for the teaching position applied for. It will be a dccision at the individual employer’s discretion. Currently, there are no general standards or excusive bodies of accreditation for the recognition of the ESL teacher training programmes. In fact, there are several options for recognition of such programmes, depending on the individual means and potentials of the official or private ESL teacher training programme providers. We are working with recognized scholars in the field as authors and tutors of students enrolled in our programme, and we have a proctor system for local partner schools where the student chooses to do his or her teaching practicum. Graduation documents will include a Certificate or Diploma confirming graduation at the respective academic level and in case of students enrolling for the entire programme also a detailed student transcript listing all the courses taken, semester credit hours and grades awarded and the details of any teaching practicum done by the student. All this should attest to the high academic standards and solid qualification of our students that we provide.

Details relating to the legal standing of our school and accreditation of this programme are as follows:

Legal Standing

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