International Faith Theological Seminary


Dr. Bidhya Adhikari, Principal of International Liverpool College, Kathmandu, Nepal: Descriptive and Pedagogical Grammar of English for ESL Teachers

Dr. Kris Bista, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal: Language Pedagogy, Language Didactics

Dr. Radislav Milrood, University of Tambov, Russian Federation: ESL Methodology, Learner Psychology related to ESL, Multimedia in the Classroom

Dr. Muhammad Schmidt, International Faith Theological Seminary, Department of Linguistics and English Studies, Germany: Descriptive and Applied Linguistics, retired

Dr. Turnoi Turjakuunnen, Dean of International Faith Theological Seminary and Full Professor in Language Pedagogy (emeritus), Estonia: ESL Teaching Practicum

Dr. Yanni Zack, Ph. D. (TESOL), Concordia College & University, Monrovia, Liberia: ESL Methodology and Teaching Practicum.



IFTS Branch Haiti

International Faith Theological Seminary Haiti
Local President: Dr. +Felxon Samuel St.-Urbain, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

From the report of IFTS Haiti (Jaunary 19, 2015):

Our School in Haiti curently offers (and receive request for Admission in) the following Degree programs:

  • Theology ( Bachelor/Master and Doctor)
  • Religious Studies and Counseling ( Bachelor/Master and Doctor)
  • Christian Education (Bachelor/Master and Doctor)
  • Management - Marketing -(Bachelor and Master)
  • Civil Engineering and Computer Science (Bachelor)

Our fees are different from what you posted for the distance learning program. Our courses are mostly taught in classrooms. Here in Haiti, if a school is low in cost, that means the it has no great value. That's why we post high attendance cost, so students could request scholarship. In fact, we always provide full scholarship to all students. All Bachelor program cost turn around $80 - $300US per year. We immatriculated, and we have the municipalty recognition certicate. we have the Commerce and Industry registration certificate. The notary paper has been delivered to us. Thuesday, we had a ministry of education facilitator visited us. We now need to provide new diploma sample with authorized scanned signatures. We are also requested to set a library.

The other study programs are offered throughout our "Universite Jacques 1er".

In Him!

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