Welcome to this Edition of English Studies and English Teacher Training!







This package will provide you with all the materials and tools for (i) your studies in English Language and Literature at academic level, comparable to Bachelor level with English as a major at reputable universities,  and (ii) English teacher training for English as a Second and/or Foreign Language.



This programme provides material for a dual Diploma in English Studies and Teaching English as a Foreign/Second Language. Students may enroll for any single programme or for the dual programme. The following areas of study will be covered:



I.                   English Studies

       English Language Acquisition up to TOEFL proficiency level

       English Linguistics and Literature

       Introduction to Old and Medieval English

       Includes Lectures and Research Skills


II.                Teaching English As A Foreign Second Language

        Educational Theory

        Learning Psychology

        Teaching Methodology

        Linguistic Aspects of Foreign Language Teaching

        Electives from the Area of Linguistic Studies

        Multimedia and Interactive Lessons in the Classroon

        Introduction to interactive and multimedia-featured Lesson Planning and Creation

        Practical Introduction to Lesson Planning and various Teaching Skills (Guided Teaching Practicum)





We want to share these materials with all students and teachers in those parts of the world where such resources are either too expensive to purchase for schools, students and teachers or are not readily available for a number of different reasons.

Academic Ptogram Information

Download The installation file is password-protected due to copyright reasons. Please contact ifts2008@gmx.net for a free password. You will need the latter in order to complete the installation process successfully. The size of the installation file to download is 1.73 GB in size and contains everything to complete the academic program(s) successfully. Note that in case you chose to enroll for the dual programme option, you may under certain conditions qualify to graduate with a Bachelor Degree in English Studies and the Teaching of English As A Foreign or Second Language.



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