Evangelical Bible College of Western Australia


The Evangelical Bible College of Western Australia (EBCWA) has been one of our trusted partners for decades.



The files of this Library are in the MS Word *.doc file format. The contents of this installation file are absolutely identical with those on the 2020 Final Library CD-ROM sent out to people al over the world. This installation file is intended for all those who did not receive this CD-ROM for a number of obvious reasons and who need to download the contents from the internet instead.

This DVD distribution also contains the entire Diploma in Theology course with audio along with the entire written course materials of the same in the Library section. You may decide how to combine audio and written lectures in your local setting. Such a combination, however, may turn out to be fruitful and rewarding for the learning process from a methodological point of view.

You will be able to download the Library files from the link given below; the Diploma in Theology audio files will be only available on the DVD as they are too large in site for upload.

To get started, click on the link below to download the 2020 EBCWA Final Library file (118.57 MB)

EBCWA 2020 Final Library

Files in this package are in the *.html, *pdf and MS Word and *.doc and Powerpoint file format.

Over the decades, these resources have been a blessing to many across the world, and these resources have contributed to make churches a fully-fledged Bible College to train their own pastors and leaders even in the remotest parts of the world. It seems that this 2010 Final Library is the last of EBCWA’s edition as the volunteers seem now to have retired from their working life due to reasons of age.

May these resources continue to be a blessing in God’s Kingdom and in serving the spiritual needs of local churches worldwide to His glory!


Distribution prepared by Dr. Muhammad Schmidt

Contact: ifts2008@gmx.net