Teaching English As A Foreign Language

The resources referred to below are intended for small non-profit projects in those less privileged parts of the world where resources for high quality ESL teaching are scarce and difficult to obtain for a number of obvious reasons. Therefore, we wish to offer the resources below to help non-commercial education providers to catch up with the current standards of the ESL industry and academic standards at reputable colleges and universities in Western and other higher developed nations worldwide.

First, we have some resources on offer for use in the ESL classroom. The author, Matt Purland, is an English teacher and decided to make his materials available for free o help educational projects in the less privileged parts of the world (http://www.englishbanana.com). Here are all the materials available on that site in one convenient download and installation package with numerous worksheets and other materials covering the following areas:  


        Correcting Learner Errors

        Mixed Worksheets for Use in Class

        Talk A Lot Textbook Series (up to intermediate level)

        Teacher Training Workshop: How to Teach English without a textbook

Download  (219.84 MB)


The second resource on offer here is a full Teacher Training program for English As A Foreign Language.  It was originally developed in Kenya in a Christian school and church setting and follows in content structure and academic standards those traditionally applicable in Central and Eastern Europe at Teacher Training Colleges and universities. The content focus is therefore on theory with practical components added and therefore unsuitable for an audience expecting a 4-week intensive ESL Teacher Training course. The content and standards followed in this package may be more or less equivalent to Diploma level in the Anglo-Saxon educational world. This program has been successfully taken by many students from all over the world in the past. Some separate packages complementing the material are available on special request. A password is required to complete the installation process successfully after download. Requests for a free password being mailed to you should be sent to ifts2008@gmx.net.

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ESL Teaching Practicum Package. Should be taken after completing the Teacher Training package above.
Download  (126.69 MB)

English Philology. Covers Practical English Language Acquisition (at advanced level), English Linguistics, English Literature and The History of English. Contents and standards are more or less the same for English majors at colleges and universities in Central Europe up to Bachelor/Bachelor (Hon.) level in combination with English Teacher Training components listed above. Taken separately, this program package covers up to two thirds of a full Bachlor program at Diploma level with abou 95 semester credit hours.

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Program Introduction

All these products are a work of love with the aim to help those less privileged in education. Education can help to make this world a little bit better. Therefore, we have developed numerous computer-based learning and teaching resources for languages like English and Chinese over the years. For Chinese, take a look HERE.