Disclaimer and Statement of Non-Responsibility


A certain „Monsignore Thomas Cole“ is selling ordination and other academic credentials on behalf of an organization called “Christian Missionary Anglican Communion“ below on the following site:




As the former Metropolitan and Presiding Bishop of the REAL Christian Missionary Anglican Communion (CMAC), with its former global headquarter in Germany (Europe), now dissolved due to retirement of its former Metropolitan and Presiding Bishop, ---


I, Dr. Muhammad Schmidt want to make it explicitly clear that Mr. Cole, a US citizen, had never been a member of my ecclesiastical jurisiction and was never authorised by us to use the name of our our Communion and to sell any credentials, whether of an ecclesiastical or academic nature, by using the name of this (former) organisation.


We do not condone the illegal activities of Mr. Cole and would never allow something like this to happen in the jurisdictions under our care. We cannot assume any legal responsibilty for the illegal actions performed by Mr. Cole in the name of thé former REAL Christian Anglican Missionary Communion with a good reputation for honest and hard work in the kingdom of God.


Schm., the 17th of June, 2019

Dr. ++Muhammad Schmidt,
Former Presiding Metropolitan Bishop,

Christian Missionary Anglican Communion