Are you interested in Chinese traditional culture and want to practice and enhance your Chinese reading and listening skills in modern colloquial Chinese at the same time? Then, this application is for you!

Xihu (Western Lake) is an application of ten folk legends with the scenery of the beautiful Western Lake in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, Mainland China and its surroundings. This scenery is famous all over China. The folk legends in this scenery are rooted in the traditional culture of ancient China before the emergence of the Communist government in 1949.

This is the multimedia version of the book. Here, you can read and listen to the texts in the book. Hovering with the mouse over an unknown character or word will open another small separate window to display English meaning definitions. Latin Hanyu Pinyin transcription is given above each Chinese character. To train reading and listening comprehension more efficiently, open the text page and read and listen to the spoken text read aloud to you simultaneously.

You can also practice writing Chinese characters on pp. 257 440 in the textbook.

Here are the links to the different components of this application which in principle you should be able to access in a simple web browser installed on your computer:

You can download the entire installation file HERE.

Download size of the installation file is around 454.60 MB.

This package contains resources in both English and German.



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