The material in this package includes transcript of my two graduate courses on Islam and Christianity, originally taught at NationsUniversity in the USA (accredited, www.nationsu.edu). The material is now also available as a printed textbook and was published by Viademica Publishers in 2006. This package also includes the materials on the accompanying CD-ROM with texts and materials required to complete the Study Assignments in this textbook and to conduct your own research on various special aspects of Islam.

The exact biographical data of the textbook can be found here:


The CD-ROM was published in 2003/2004 by the same publisher, for exact biographical data o this product, cf.  http://www.viademica.de/content/buchkatalog/detail.php?id=152.

The suggested procedure for your own studies is as follows:

1.     Open the textbook and study the modules and units in the order as given there.

2.     Whenever you are asked to complete a study assignment, make use of the CD-ROM materials accessible HERE.

A suggested curriculum for teaching these courses in your own institution can be found HERE.

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Access the textbook


Access the supplementary materials originally contained on the CD-ROM to this book


View a suggested curriculum when teaching these courses in your own school




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