Western Lake Application

Welcome to this Software Edition of the Hangzhou West Lake Chinese Reading and Listening Comprehension Course!


This Edition offers you a web reader application containing ten texts in modern colloquial Chinese in simplified Chinese characters as they are commonly used on the Chinese Mainland these days. Plots and settings are those in the city of Hangzhou, provincial capital of present Zhejiang province, and the West Lake that is famous all over China for the beauty of its surroundings. The materials contained in this package have been designed not to only offer you the original Chinese texts of these ten selected stories but also a comprehensive set of study aids which come with the texts in the hope that they will help you in developing the skills of both reading and listening comprehension and thus to enhance your practical, receptive language skills in Chinese as a foreign language. You should be beyond the elementary stage of Chinese language acquisition to make the most of this application.

This package contains two main components:

1) A Web Reader application that helps you study and practice the language material on your computer.

2) An workbook for Chinese Character Writing Practice.

This application contains ten Chinese ancient folk legends focusing on the area of the famous West Lake in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. These texts are aimed at developing your reading and listening comprehension skills and also provides ample opportunities for writing practice of the Chinese characters used.


You can listen to the texts being read aloud while reading them simultaneously. All texts are also provided with Hanyu Pinyin transcription above each character; hovering with the mouse cursor a character will display English meaning definitions of the same.


Among the texts included, you will also find the story of Madam White Snake (Story No. 4), famous all over China and a subject of several movies and Chinese operas. Itís a love story...


You can freely use and distribute this application, but you may NOT sell it.


Download the application from HEREDownload file is around 74 MB in size.