This application covers ancient Chinese medical and philosophical texts. Details of coverage can be found in the image to the left of this page.

In terms of contents, all these texts are highly related: The Laozi Daodejing contains much of the philosophy inherent to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the original Chinese medical texts. Hence, a study of the Laozi Daodejing may be viewed as an essential pre-requisite of the other three medical texts that follow.

The Suwen and the Lingshu form part of the
Huangdi Neijing, with the Suwen forming an introductory text and the Lingshu being a more advanced text relatiung to more clinical matters.

Nanjing as a separate work and not forming part of the Huangdi Neijing complements the material covered in the Huangdi Neijing text canon.

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We sincerely hope that using this application will prove useful and rewaring to you by gaining a better insight into a medical system of an ancient culture that after so manby millenia still proves useful to mankind worldwide.

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