This application covers the original Chinese text of Sunzi on The Art of War (Sunzi Bingfa) for Western readers and learners of Chinese. It will not only help you to train and master your practical language skills in terms of reading and listening comprehension of ancient literary Chinese but will also introduce you to one of the most fascinating challenging thoughts on war strategy and conflict resolution in military life and outside.

For further details, read an extract of my preface to the textbook published earlier (https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/sun-zi-muhammad-wolfgang-g-a-schmidt/1128288259)

Here is also an introduction to the same book and an English translation of the text by Lionel Giles (1910).


The features of this application are:

        The entire Chinese text has Latin Hanyu Pinyin transcription above each Chinese character.

        There is sound output for the complete Chinese text; that means, users can listen to the Chinese text being read aloud while reading it. This way of learning will (hopefully) greatl enhance your practical Chinese listening and reading comprehension skills.

        All Chinese character used in the text will be demonstrated in their way of writing, so that users can also, to some extent, practice their writing skills of Chinese characters.

        For each unknown Chinese character/word, English meaning definitions have been added Hovering with the mouse over such a word/character will make English meaning definitions pop up in a small separate window.

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With best wishes of success in your studies, and enjoy!

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