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The “HSK” is the short form for Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (Chinese Language Proficiency Exam) in the People’s Republic of China with six different levels of language difficulty. These six levels roughly correspond to the six levels of A1 - C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). For each level of the HSK, there is a set of new Chinese characters required to be mastered, varying in number and content. These packages provide intensive Chinese character training for each of the six individual HSK levels. These training packages can be run in a simple web browser and provide the following features:


* Easy-to-use navigation system: after downloading and unzipping the package to the folder set by default, simply click on the START.htm file and follow screen instructions.

* Should run on any machine (Windows, Mac and Linux - Warning: Packages were successfully tested on Windows only; so running them on a Mac or on a Linux system would entirely at your own risk!)

* Each package covers all those Chinese characters (in simplified form) required for the respective HSK exam level you have chosen.

* *.gif animations for each character covered, showing character, pronunciation in Hanyu Pinyin, English meaning definitions, stroke order of character, and character radical in blue color.

* A special character list covering all characters required for the HSK level in question, allowing you to identify those characters still unknown to you so that you can pay special attention to them.

* Another character list covering all the characters for a certain HSK level with Hanyu Pinyin transcription for each character, ordered by individual number of strokes (those with a higher stroke number following those with a lower stroke number) that can be used in conjunction with the

* sound output file (*.mp3) reading the characters of a HSK aloud while viewing the character list mentioned above for better reading and listening comprehension.

* All Chinese characters covered for each level follow the most recent Hanban’s official syllabus guide lines (the Hanban is the officially recognized HSK examination body and provider in the People’s Republic of China).


Produced and distributed by Germany’s most well-known author of Chinese and HSK textbooks in both English and German - Dr. Muhammad Wolfgang G. A. Schmidt:



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