Open Courseware for the Study of Conversational Chinese

The material can be downloaded HERE as an installation file of about 440 MB in size.

The software package was updated and several other modules added to it: Chinese Character module, Chinese Vocabulary Training Module and Chinese Reading Module. Try for yourself!

No password required.

This material addresses Western learners of Chinese without any prior knowledge of the language, who want to acquire a Chinese language proficiency from elementary level as an absolute beginner up to lower intermediate level in Conversational Chinese. Focus will be on the spoken language concentrating on speaking and listening skills for daily life in Mainland China. This course will offer a brief introduction to the Chinese script, and Chinese characters along with Latin Hanyu Pinyin transcription are used throughout this course. Chinese character Training and Writing Practice, Vocabulary Training and an Intensive Reading Module component with lots of authentic Chinese texts (in traditional as well as simplified Chinese charaterversions)  are now included in this package.

This is free software. However, you may not sell it. You agree go abide by this condition by downloading the software.


A Chinese proverb says;


(Learning-till-old age-, -learning-not-finished).

Even at old age, you never stop learning.

Good luck in your learning and study efforts!