Are you a Chinese language learner in the process of preparing for the Chinese Language Proficiency Exam (HSK)?
Are you reading Chinese texts on a regular basis on your computer or on the internet and need translation help with Chinese characters or words?
Or are you perhaps a sinological professional involved in a project dealing with aspects of Chinese language, culture, or history?
If yes, you may be in need of a professional Chinese-English /Chinese-German computer dictionary software with huge, high-quality dictionary databases from various sources which may cost you between 50 to several hundred Dollars or Euros.

The good news is: Here is a software for free that you would be welcome to download, use and even distribute freely.

Attention, please: This software was updated and now includes also Korean and Japanese dictionary databases. The program name has been changed to "Professional CJK-English Dictionary". Current download size is 827 MB.

You can download the software freely from HERE.