This application presents two Chinese Buddhist texts that have become cornerstones of a unique sinisised form of Buddhism in China. You will find some basic information on these texts HERE.

These texts come in their original Chinese form with Hanyu Pinyin transcription above the characters used in the text, Hovering with the mouse over an unknown character or word will display the corresponding English meaning definitions. Optionally, you can also listen to these texts being read aloud in a clear, native-like Chinese Mandarin voice.

The texts are written in a form of Classical Chinese current at the time of their writing.

There is also a version available for download HERE. (42.87 MB)

More Information on these texts

Get started with reading these texts:

1.   Kumarajiva 

2.    The Forty-Two Sayings of the Buddha:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


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