Chinese Language Textbook Collection


2015 C 2019

By Dr. Muhammad Schmidt


This collection of textbooks consists of 18 books, 8 of which deal with preparation for the Chinese Language Proficiency Exam (HSK) in Mainland China and cover Chinese characters, vocabulary and grammar. They appeared in print between 2015 and 2018.

Then, there are 3 additional works dealing with HSK Test Preparation from 2019.

There are also 6 works for reference that may be used beyond the scope of any test preparation.

Finally, there is one textbook covering test preparation for the Chinese Language Proficiency exam in the Republic of China (Taiwan).

Most of the works included in this package are in English, and only a few of them are in German.

You can download a complete Library installation file HERE (702.22MB). You will need a password to complete the installation process successfully. Send a request for a free password to

There are also some software tools with multimedia and interactive features that may enhance the learning process of your Chinese language studies, they are available for download HERE.

HERE is a list of all books contained in the download package.


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