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All program files are divided into several course packages. Courses for the entire degree program should be taken in the order given below. You may also download single course file packages that are of interest to you.

This is the online version of our programme. Please note that we no longer actively enrol students, provide individual tutoring or certification services. You may, however, use these materials for personal edification and instruction. Each of the course packages contains a syllabus file guiding you through your studies, the set reading (textbook(s)) for each area of study, and the essential exam files.

However, all course file packages are password-protected. After downloading a certain course package, contact for a free password and state the course package for which you request a password.

There are no tutoring or certification services for these course contents anymore due to the retirement of the professors in charge. Institutions with faculty and administrators suitably qualified can apply for a free license to run this degree program in part or in its entire form and to offer certification services on the basis of these course contents. The requirement for such a license is that you maintain a database for each student and update it regularly according to student performance. We also have some templates for student performance recording which later may become the basis for a final student transcript. We will send them to you as well if your license application has been successful.

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Course Packages and other information to use:

File sizes given in MB and KB refer to the size of the folders for each package available in this distribution.

Program Information (reading only, protected against illegal copying, Program Development by Dr. Muhammad Schmidt)

All course packages typically include: navigation system for user convenience, a syllabus file outlining procedure of study, all required set reading (textbook(s)), and exam files.

Biblical Theology (incl. Hermeneutics and Biblical Languages)          (28.98 MB)      GO HERE

Includes courses on Biblical Interpretatiom, Biblical Languages and manuscript families in Biblical original languages, exegesis on the basis of Biblical original languages; OT and NT surveys, and special Book Studies.

Systematic Theology      (17.07 MB)                                                                                    GO HERE

With courses in Dogmatics, Ethics and Dogmatic History.

Church History                (21.30 MB)                                                                                   GO HERE

Includes general Church History from ancient to modern times, special topics of Church History like Ancient Church History and the study of the shaping of Apostolic traditions, Reformation and other majort topics in depth, and History of the English Church (relevant for the training of deacons and Anglican priests).

Practical Theology          (29.83 MB)                                                                                  GO HERE

Covers a wider range of subjects and skills relevant for practical parish work: Christian Counselling, Homiletics, Christian Education, Liturgy and altar services.

Exam Keys Biblical Languages   (320 KB)                                                                           omitted

For faculty only correcting the exam papers of students in both Biblical Hebrew and Greek.

Electives 1 C 3     (110.45 MB)                                                                                             GO HERE

In addition to the compulsory four course packages listed above, students enrolled in this program must take two of the three electives listed below with elective 1 being compulsory to take. It should help them work alongside with Muslim Imans as chaplains in a multi-cultural and multi-religious setting like the Kenyan army or in serving the church in remoter village and jungle areas. Based on the Anglican principle of faith combined with reason, the objective is to prepare candidates to the priesthood with sound knowledge and analytical capabilities for good and fair inter-religious dialogue in a multi-cultural setting.

Elective 1: Introduction to Comparative Religion, Its Approaches and Methodology (compulsory)

Elective 2: Islam and Christianity (free to choose)

Elective 3:Traditional African Religion  (free to choose)

Optional Reading-Theology  (28.97 MB)                                                                         GO HERE

An online library with numerous articles and complete books from respected theological scholars worldwide. Provided to the student for optional additional reading beyond set textbook scope for enlarging and widening the student's perspective on theological, spiritual, cultural and social issues in environments where churches are traditionally active. Application can be run in a simple web browser; the application covers over 6,000 publications, both of older and more recent date.

Syllabus and Curriculum File                                                                                                   (omitted; will be sent to you on special request)

Syllabus and curriculum file, outlining enrollment & requirements for enrollment, objectives and contents of study, grading and credit policy, graduation requirements, accreditation status, and more.

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